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One on One support for navigation and recovery from a narcissistic relationship.

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Mevoke is an online community for women who want to become more self-aware so they can live more proactive and meaningful lives. This will be especially helpful for those in relationship with the self-absorbed or slightly narcissistic.

Mevoke’s mission is to provide you with the tools you need to organize, understand and interpret your inner thoughts and feelings into clear signals for your exquisite self-care.

Mevoke’s online personal tracking tools will help you manage your
daily decisions so you can take action to make healthier choices in your work, with your family and in your relationships.

Could Narcissism be Fracturing Your Relationship?

Do you feel:
  • Confused
  • Unheard
  • Dismissed
  • Taken for granted
  • Afraid of conflict
If you are in a difficult relationship, it's time to step back, get perspective and make healthy changes in your life. Take this quiz to see if narcissism is at work in your relationship. Knowledge is a step toward progress.
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