Curiosity and the Cat-and Me

I was a young child when I first heard the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat.” I heard it at school and—being curious—I asked my mother what it meant. She had her own take on the old saying. “Well,” she said, looking at me with a gleam in her eye,

“curiosity may have killed the cat, but knowledge revived her.”

It was the perfect response to her inquisitive child. And it set me off on a life-long pursuit of knowledge powered by curiosity.

Are you curious about your life? About what you’re experiencing right now, today?

Ninety percent of the information we take into our brains is visual—not verbal, not written, but visual. Look around you right now. What’s going on?

We live amidst so much outside stimuli. We are bombarded each and every day with information that comes from outside ourselves. And so much information from the outside can make it easy to overlook important information coming from inside ourselves.

It’s easy to become reactive instead of proactive. And when we’re reacting, we’re often unaware of what’s driving us.

Move closer to what’s going on for you right now. Get curious about how the outside world is affecting your inside world. Resist your impulse to solve problems or to make sense out of things. Instead, focus on getting closer to yourself. Commit to getting to know yourself better, to becoming more intimate with yourself, to understanding your own experience in the world.

Pay attention to what’s in front of you, what’s behind you, beside you, around you. Get a little closer to all that, and then get curious about it. Get curious about your reactions to the outside world, and allow those reactions to make you curious about how your experiences impact you.

How curious are you about yourself right now? Take a look.

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Be curious about yourself and take note.

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