Rehearsing for 2016

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My inbox is full of notices on how to make 2016 bigger, better, more efficient, convenient, profitable and healthy. The volume is a bit overwhelming and verges on the ludicrous. True, the 2015 door will soon close, but…Is there something wrong with 2015? Is this the dress rehearsal for 2016?

How many times have I rehearsed the seething, hot-headed, powerful conversation in my head? You, know. The one where I really give “him (her/them)” that piece of my scathing mind! And, it never turns out the way I rehearse it. When it comes to actually facing him (her/them) I’m kinder, more restrained and even-tempered. How about you? Does it ever REALLY turn out the way you imagine?

How many different ways do I say it? One breath at a time, one step at a time, one item on that To-Do list at a time. A dear one recently asked for my support as she was facing a move, a new career path and loss of familiarity. Anxiety became the name of her game as she thought of the changes ahead. After unwinding the threads feeding her frenzy, she realized and exclaimed, “I think I’ll do much better when I’m actually there.” Hallelujah! Oh, joy! How true. What a relief. I love these conversations taking comfort from my own methods of overwhelm by remembering just that: I’ll do much better when I’m actually there.

Any breach from our normal routine, such as a move, a new family member, job change or relationship upheaval brings with it strangeness, some dis-ease. We like being masters of our situation, routine, and timing. Adjustments, especially big ones, put us back on the learning curve to figuring out something different.

Naturally, we humans do much better when we live in current time; that is the only place from which we can take action. Whether running from the tiger, fighting off the bear, or freezing --face to face with the snake, our bodies are essential to our safety on the planet. Physical well-being and emotional steadiness are inextricably linked. Hanging out in our thoughts of the future leaves us defenseless- a scary place to be. Relish this time. Act now. There’s more 2015 to live. It won’t last long- and it won’t be repeated in the same way. You can trust yourself to handle whatever comes next. [bctt tweet="The future never turns out the way you rehearse it."]

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  1. Wow. To think that 2015 is still here–and that I can live in it–is liberating. Thanks!

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