Resting in the Darkness

starry night sky

Here it is! The darkest day of the year, at least as the sun rises and sets. The end is drawing close. Urgency rises as we approach the close, the goodbye, the letting go of the year. All the lists, the tasks, the to-dos have little life left this year. Thankfully, the short days and long nights buffer us, reminders of a slower pace, a longer rest.
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While this may not be your darkest day, personally, it is a time to say Amen and bless this year’s dark-ranking moments with release. A tough task for us humans--this letting go. Coming into the world with tiny fists we cling instinctively. Little loses like tossing a favorite blouse or breaking Aunt Mae’s vase are practice sessions in letting go, saying goodbye, closing a door. Such preparation is helpful for the heart-rending, hardly-bearable losses of home, or friend or beloved.

Trees and streets and houses wrapped with colorful lights pierce the night; blazing candles punctuate the darkness with relief. Every which way we turn there are signs to remind us the light is brightest in the dark. We’re on the upswing; the days start lengthening tomorrow. It’s temporary, the dark moments, only made bearable by the brightness of those who love us, including our very own self. Gracious witnesses and companions to our living, in all its shades, gives rise to the radiance of hope.

So cuddle down with the bears, take a cue from the leafless trees. It truly is a time to rest and take stock in spite of our cultural busy-ness.

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  1. Cuddling down with the bears–that image made me feel warm and safe and sleepy. Thanks!

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