SADI – Self Awareness Development Instrument

How would the quality of your life change if you didn’t have to work so hard to get other people—some of them really important people—to understand your point of view?

What would it feel like if you didn’t have to adjust and contort yourself to persuade other people to do what you need them to do, or to hear what it is you need or want?

What if your personal satisfaction were completely in your hands, no longer dependent on one or two particular players?

It is possible. And, it’s an inside job.

If you do the inside work, everything else is easier. If you work to know yourself better, your relationships with yourself--and with others--change.

Developing the sight to discover who you are and how to respond to your own needs and desires is precious indeed. The earlier you learn these insights, the longer you get to use them.

Does this mean that everything will go your way? No, of course not. You are not immune from the human experience. Pain, loss, heartache will find you. However, it does mean that you can face whatever or whoever stands before you with the resources and the confidence to make the choices that will work best for you.

Understanding and responding to your own signals, cues and messages gives you the freedom to play well with others, be empathic, highly productive, and warmly intimate.

SADI, your personal Self Assessment Development Instrument, provides you with a way to notice your personal experience of the world. She offers a place for you go to acknowledge yourself, recognize yourself and assess your life, just for a moment. That’s important, because we are often so busy attending to those around us that we overlook ourselves—until some crisis comes along to get our attention.

Is there more to you than you know? Get closer to finding out. Up your personal resources. Check in with SADI often to discover more of you.


Evoke the best out of YOUR me.

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