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Can You See the Invisible Disability?

Do you get angry with the blind man because he cannot see? The red-tipped cane marks his physical lack of sight. Are you personally insulted by his handicap? I’m truly curious. Do you accommodate gracefully offering thanks that “ but for the grace of God, there go I?” Or, do you assign blame that if […]

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Go Slow. Take Notes. How to Avoid Another Narcissist in Your Life

Whether I’m getting my hair cut, having dinner with a friend or sitting on the therapist’s seat, I hear stories of emotional and physical abuse. Maybe this is because some people I come across know of my book, Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist, and feel safe talking with me.  Or perhaps it’s because the phenomenon of narcissistic […]

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Shared Success–Inspiration with a Smile

This is the kind of story that keeps me going– doing what I do. Successes–small and large are what keep us moving toward the brightness of the future. Whether baby’s first steps, a passing grade or a full deep breath, completion juices us with lovely hormones and a welcome sense of satisfaction. This crossing a […]

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How are You Framing Your Life?

Five years ago I wrote and published a book, Sweet Relief from the Everyday Narcissist. At the time, it was a heart-felt offering of support for people who find themselves stymied by their relationships with folks who are perpetually displeased with them. It was the “amen” to relationships I’d encountered that provided me a curriculum […]

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How I Learned about Narcissism

  My mother was a narcissist. Through no fault of her own, she fit the classic profile. At the age of 2, when it was time for her to inch herself away from the stable presence of her mother, one step at a time, the tables turned and her mother left her. Did that make […]

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