What is mevoke?

Mevoke is an online community designed for women looking to take charge of their own lives, become more self-aware and consciously choose to live a more empowered and satisfying life.

Mevoke’s skill development tools and resources will guide you to practice the exquisite self-care and self-governance that lead to a more powerful, clear, energized and contented life.

Worries about money, performing well at work, tending the hearth and the hearts that live in your shelter keep us juggling more than is comfortable or sustainable. Making the transition from externally oriented permissions, indications, and instruction to discover a heightened sensitivity to one’s own signals, along with the confidence to trust your personal experience feelings, sensation and how you think about them-- this is the task for the care giver in us all.

Mevoke’s online personal tracking tools, when used as directed, will increase your self-awareness and give you guideposts to explore your values and inform your daily decisions. Increasing your self-awareness increases your resourcefulness, which gives you more choices about your life.

Why wait another minute to get your life on track and enjoy the simple things in life? Explore our resources, tools, and services for evoking the best out of your Me.

Join Mevoke today and become part of a community that is here to help YOU! And ask to join in our conversation on Facebook's Mevoke group.


Evoke the best out of YOUR me.

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